Friday, November 26, 2010

CLOTH Diaper Drive

Perhaps you've heard of Huggies diapers Every Little Bottom Campaign trying to collect donations of diapers to give to those less fortunate. Their studies show 1 in 5 families in North America do not have the funds needed to provide clean diapers to their children on a regular basis. I'm no longer a baby, but this makes me cry!

So while I do use and like Huggies diapers (my son wears them at night!), I want to do something more in line with my beliefs. I am a huge advocate of breastfeeding (it's cheap!) and of cloth diapering (my son wears cloth 90% of the time). I believe cloth diapering is more healthy, more environmentally sustainable and cheaper than constantly buying diapers.

I believe more people on a limited income would choose cloth diapers for their family if they could afford the often intimidating upfront costs of cloth diaper starter packs - often starting at $200 and going up!

However, cloth diapers do not have to be expensive! You can make them yourself if you buy cotton material at the store (around $10/m) and cut them into squares. Often you can get them used, as they do last a long time (and for more than one child), but I know it's not always easy.

All this to say, I'd like to collect new, used or handmade cloth diapers and water proof covers to donate to people in need. The following are some mighty words but I believe giving cloth diapers instead of disposable will do more to eliminate poverty in the long run.

Please help me collect cloth diapers and covers! I will wash and package what I receive into "starter packs" of about 15 diapers, along with care and washing information. I will then deliver them to a Montreal charity (or more than one, if this works well!).

If you have ideas on which charity to donate to or want to help, please contact me here!

I see this project having long term potential: perhaps once a child has grown out of one size, they can bring them back in exchange for the next size up. But before I get too excited, let's start small and see what can be accomplished between now and the new year.

And thanks to Huggies and The Yummy Mummy Club for giving me the motivation!


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Leanne said...

Totally great, Kelly.
It is funny though, I was just wondering if there were some way to get DISPOSABLE diapers by the ton to my son's orphanage: the Chinese officials overspent on a swanky new building and now cannot afford heating. Without heating, there is no way to dry the cloth diapers they have in the cold this winter. Egads.

It is only on the ground and running with real people living real problems that we realise what those problems and needs are.

I wish you luck with this project. Thanks for the initiative.